Ron Eldridge for State Rep District 90  

Campaign Donations

Thank you for your generous contribution. We could not get this done without your help and support. The maximum contribution allowed by state law is $2,500. However, any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you for doing your part to help make St. Tammany and Louisiana a better place to live. We also appreciate anyone who is willing to put up a yard sign. Read more »

About Ron Eldridge

J. Ronald Eldridge, President of a Tax and Business Consulting Firm in St. Tammany Parish, has announced his candidacy for the Louisiana House of Representatives, District 90. Ron Eldridge, 61, has spent the last 35 years as Controller and Chief Financial Officer for several Louisiana Corporations, including Platform Crane Service, Inc. in Slidell, the Louisiana Self Help Institute in Pearl River, and Basic Payments, LLC in Pearl River. Read more »

The Bold New Plan

Ron Eldridge for State Representative
Hurricane Katrina changed most of our lives. This caused me to examine the tax structure of Louisiana. What taxes do we have? Why do we have these taxes? Are there other revenue methods besides these taxes?

In my research, I came up with a plan to eliminate these taxes. Income Taxes are not necessary. Both State and Local Sales Taxes are not necessary. Local Property Taxes are not necessary. There are alternative methods of taxation, which could eliminate these taxes. Read more »